Who can attend this conference?

This conference can be attended by professors, PhD students, undergraduate and master students, independent researchers, social scientists, policy-makers and others.

How much does it cost to attend this Online Conference?

Please check the conference fees by visiting our home page or the registration page.

How does the special offer work?

To benefit from the special offer of receiving two conference presentations for the price of one, you will have to first register and pay before the deadline. Then, you should send the abstract and the paper before the deadline as well, in order to participate and present in the ConScienS Online Conference. After the ConScienS Conference, you can choose to participate for free in one of our remaining 2020 conferences.

How to attend the Conference?

  1. You can take advantage of our limited time offer by paying the registration fee before the deadline:
  2. You need to send us your abstract here:
  3. The abstract/paper must be sent according to the requirements of the organizers (see details here:
  4. You will receive an email with acceptance of your abstract or recommendations for improving the abstract in about 2-3 days from sending it through the form you can find on the site.
  5. After receiving the acceptance notice you can submit your full paper before the deadline.
  6. About a week before the conference date, you will receive an email with the conference Zoom access details. Also, a schedule will be created one week before the conference and you can find it on this link:

 How many sessions will there be?

There will be several sessions in which you will be assigned. You will know at least one week before the conference the group to which you will be assigned.

Will the sessions be interactive?

All the sessions will be live, and we encourage interactive session by allocating the 5 minutes of questions and answers after each presentation. During the sessions, there will be a chat window available.

What language will be used in the conference?


Will there be an in-person edition of this Conference or just virtual?

This edition of the ConScienS Conference will be held online only.

Can I use a PowerPoint when presenting?

Yes. You can use PowerPoint during your presentation, or you can freely present without having to show anything on the screen. It’s your choice.

Can there be more co-authors on the same abstract?

Yes, there can be up to three authors per abstract.

Can my full paper be rejected?

Instead of rejection, we usually advise the authors to make some corrections and modifications. In more rare cases of full papers rejection, we can refund the authors.

How much time do I have for the presentation?

You will have 15 minutes to present and 5 minutes for any questions from the audience.

Will my paper be published in the Conference Proceedings?

Yes. All full papers that are peer-reviewed and accepted will be published in the Conference Proceedings.

What to do if I do not get the automatic reply that my abstract has been received?

If you do not receive the automatic reply, please resend the form once you have re-filled it with your personal data and attached the abstract.

Will I receive an email confirming that the abstract/paper has been received by the Conference organizers?

Yes. You will first receive an automatic reply that your abstract has been received by us. Then you will receive an email with the acceptance or rejection of your abstract or recommendations for improving the abstract in about 2-3 days. If you do not receive an email from us in this timeframe, please contact us (also, provide us with another one of your email addresses). For the full paper acceptance, you will be receiving an email in about 7 days.

On which digital platform will the conference take place?

The conference will take place on the Zoom communication platform and will be transmitted on YouTube as well.
You can join the Zoom conference by making a free account on Please make sure that you make the account at least one day before the conference. After the account is made, you can just click on the Join Zoom Meeting link that we will send you later on. We will send an email no later than one week before the conference that will explain this in more details.