ConScienS Conference Proceedings

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 PDF           Economic Growth in Times of Pandemics
1-9             Julia M. Puaschunder

 PDF          Community-Based Solution for a Community Spread Requires Incentive-Compatibility Considerations
10-20       Frank Lorne, A.C. Lai, Sairam Katla, Krish Kale, Daniel Bocanegra Diaz

 PDF         Limitation of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms in a Pandemic through Administrative Acts Issued by Public Authorities
21-27       Adina Georgeta Ponea

 PDF          Pandemic Populism: An Analysis of COVID-19’s Impact in the African American Community
28-35       Jeannette Hutton Pugh

 PDF          Legal Limitations of the Constitutional Rights of Institutionalized Persons Imposed during the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic
36-42       Andrei Armeanu

 PDF         Value at COVID-19: Digitalized Healthcare, Luxury Consumption and Global Education
43-51       Julia M. Puaschunder

 PDF             COVID-19 Pandemic Health Effects
52-57          Valentina Avrămescu

 PDF          Aggressive Behavior during Covid-19
58-62       Gabriel Tănăsescu

 PDF          SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic – Implications for Society
63-67       Adriana Tuluș

 PDF         Assessing Online Teaching in Higher Education Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study from Saudi Arabia
68-72       May Alashwal

 PDF         The Effects Brought by the SARS-CoV-2 Virus over the Civil Law Reports in Romania
73-77       Cristian Dan

 PDF          Exercise of the Right to Visit the Child by the Non-Resident Parent in Case of  Declaring a State of Emergency 
78-83       Ciprian Raul Romițan

 PDF         Constitutional and Humanitarian Guarantees of the Patient, Subject to Procedures Assimilated to Detention 
84-90       Alina Zaharia

 PDF         Granger Causality Analysis of the Economic Cycles of the Tourism Industry and the EU Regional Economy
91-95       Radu Radulescu

 PDF          PESTEL Analysis of External Environment as a Success Factor of Startup Business
96-102      Ivana Marinovic Matovic

 PDF           Multilateral Impact of Coronavirus on Society Actual Effects and Prognostics
103-107     Cristina-Gabriela Șchiopu

 PDF           Behavior during the Pandemic – A Problem of the Rule of Law
108-112     Camil Tănăsescu

 PDF           Regional Economic Resilience in the Economy of the European Union
113-116     Alexandru Meleca, Radu Radulescu

 PDF         The Study of Emotional Intelligence, Attachment Styles, and Self-Esteem of First and Second Children
117-124     Noora Rahmani, Ezgi Ulu

 PDF          The Future of the City after COVID-19: Digitionalization, Preventism and Environmentalism
125-129     Julia M. Puaschunder

 PDF           Crimes which Can Favor the Spread of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus
130-134      Robert Șerbănescu

 PDF          The Night of Tarantella versus The Căluş Festival in the Midst of a Pandemic
135-138     Aurelia Săbiescu

PDF          Romanian Education in Times of Pandemic
139-144     Nicoleta-Elena Hegheș

PDF          Deprivation of Liberty – ‘Medical Punishment’ during the State of Emergency in Romania
145-151     Marius-Adrian Arva