ConScienS Conference Proceedings

This publication presents the proceedings of the ConScienS Conference held online on January 17-18, 2021. The conference was organized by the ConScienS Research Center in partnership with the Research Association for Interdisciplinary Studies (RAIS). The ConScienS Conference Proceedings are published with ISSN 2766-1504 and will be indexed in IDEAS/RePEcEconpapers, Google ScholarCEEOL.

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 PDF                 Labour Productivity Growth Determinants in the Manufacturing Sector in the Baltic States

1-7                  Toma Lankauskiene

PDF                  Brief Considerations Regarding the Crime of Preventing Access to Compulsory Education in the Romanian Criminal Code

8-12                 Nicoleta-Elena Hegheș                                                                                        

PDF                   An Analysis of Chinese Leaders’ Images Towards the United States During the COVID-19 Pandemic

13-20               Leo S.F. Lin                                                                                                         

PDF                   Criminological Explanations of Psychological Trauma and the Criminogenic Process

21-28               Gabriel Tănăsescu                                                                                         

PDF                    Opening the Black Box: Disbursement Delays Impacts on Growth in Asian Development Bank (ADB) Loan Projects in Indonesia

29-42                Muhammad A Ingratubun, Akhmad Fauzi                                                         

PDF                   Legislative Considerations on Respecting Patient’s Rights in the Global Context Generated by the SARS COV-2 Pandemic

43-49               Erimia Cristina-Luiza                                                                                    

PDF                    Saudi EFL Learners Choice of Language in their Emails to Instructors

50-56                Tahani Alabdali                                                                                           

PDF                    Application of Legal Instruments of Protection in the Field of Personal Data – Human Rights between Challenges and Limits

57-66               Mădălina Botină, Marilena Marin                                                                  

PDF                      Insolvency Issues in the European Union

67-72                 Anca Roxana Bularca                                                                                      

PDF                     Romanian Public Sector Staff. Categories. Applicable Legal Rules. Particularities

73-80                 Narcis Teodor Godeanu                                                                                  

PDF                     Some Shortcomings of the Legal Framework Applicable in the COVID-19 Context

81-85                 Cătălina Georgeta Dinu                                                                               

PDF                     Self-Representation on Social Media During Lockdowns in the First and Second COVID-19 Pandemic Waves

86-96                 Alexandra Valéria Sándor                                                                                   

PDF                        Are Neoliberalism Policies Undermining Free and Democratic Societies?

97-101                Danielle Araujo                                                                                               

PDF                       Language Policies for Promoting Romanian in Europe

102-105             Veronica Cristina Nedelcu, Laura Elena Pascale                                           

PDF                       On the Emotional Fallout of COVID-19

106-117             Julia M. Puaschunder                                                                                  

PDF                        Psychopathology of Plastic Art and Creativity

118-123              Schiopu Cristina Gabriela                                                                             

PDF                       Online Child Pornography: A New Challenge for the Society

124-131              Mohamed Chawki                                                                                         

PDF                       Revisiting the Concept of Koinonia Dimensions of Pauline’s Theology of Communion

132-137              Daniel G. Oprean                                                                                        

PDF                      The Church and Social Media

138-142             Sorin Bădrăgan                                                                                           

PDF                       DNA Method in the Medico-Legal Expertise and Forensic Science

143-148              Valentina Avrămescu                                                                                    

PDF                       Prevention of Deviant Conduct in Minors in Romania

149-153             Bogdan Buneci                                                                                          

PDF                      The Role of Intellectuals in the Religious Education of Children and Youngsters in Communist Romania

154-164             Ciprian Corneliu Ciurea                                                                

PDF                       Engineering in Criminal Probation. 3D Scan of the Body with the Help of Virtopsy Software

165-170              Cosmin Butură                                                                                        

PDF                      Some Measures to Prevent Domestic Violence

171-174              Adriana Tuluș                                                                                              

PDF                      Considerations Regarding the Independence of Justice in the Current Romanian Society

175-179             Bogdan David                                                                                    

PDF                     Decreasing the Number of Judicial Errors from the Perspective of Synergological Expertise in Romania

180-184            Dan Cristian                                                                                                   

PDF                     Alleviating COVID-19 Inequality

185-190           Julia M. Puaschunder                                                                                                

PDF                     Women’s Gendered Work Experiences in a Hyper-Masculine Organization

191-197           Chelli Plummer